Large Tire Scanning in Mining Operations


Large tires used in mining operations are extremely expensive, and are subject to premature deterioration due to embedded rocks. Evisive equipment was used to detect embedded stones too deep to be visually detected from the outside of the tread. Once found the rocks are extracted to prevent further tire damage.


One side access and non-contact inspection using Evisive microwave interference scanning has been demonstrated in the laboratory and in field trials. Tests have demonstrated imaging of rocks and foreign material embedded in large mining tires systems using Evisive microwave interference scanning systems.


Tests demonstrate the ability to detect and evaluate (size) embedded rocks and foreign objects. Application of Portable Evisive scan microwave systems to in situ inspection of large mining tires will reduce the probability of in-service failures and minimize equipment down-time



We have released several documents giving insight to our technologies and processes.



We provide our technology worldwide and have worked on many overseas operations.

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