• Aerospace and Advanced Materials Inspection
    • Inspection of NASA space shuttle components such as the external fuel tank SOFI (Spray-on Foam Insulation), and the thermal heat tiles
  • Aerospace composites
    • This presentation examines an emerging technology whereby microwave interferometry is used to image just such deep and stacked defects in modern aerospace composite structures
  • Coating Thickness Detection
    • Measuring thickness of Polyurea spray-on coating on concrete
  • Fiber Reinforced Furan Pipe and Fittings Inspection
    • Comparison of lab results and field scans of Fiber Reinforced Furan pipes and pipe couplings
  • HDPE Butt Fusion Weld Inspection and Imaging
    • Due to Polyethylene (PE) pipe’s ability to withstand harsh chemicals without corrosion or leaking, it is an ideal material for buried gas and water lines. This method of heat fusion involves heating two surfaces to a designated temperature, and then fusing them together by application of force. The pressure causes the melted materials to flow, producing mixing and thus fusion. Evisive is becoming the worldwide standard for inspecting high density polyethylene (HDPE) thermal butt fusion weld.
  • HDPE Pipe Electro-fusion coupling inspection
    • Electro-fusion joining uses embedded electrical conductors in the pipe coupling. A high electric current is applied, causing resistive heating which melts and fuses the pipe and fitting material. Evisive technology is unsurpassed at inspecting HDPE.
  • Imaging Corrosion and Pipe Surface Features Beneath Coatings
    • Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) overwraps. Overwraps stop external corrosion, and structurally reinforce steel pipes by the external wrapping of damaged sections using FRP materials. Evisive technology can be used to monitor the progression of underlying corrosion.
  • Inspection and Imaging of Fiberglass Wind Turbine Blades
    • Evisive inspection of Sandia Labs wind turbine blade coupons and a thickness calibration block.
  • Modern Ceramic Structure Imaging
    • Ceramic Matrix composites are finding uses in everything from ceramic armor to high temperature engine parts. Evisive inspection has proven to be valuable in the manufacturing process and in in-field periodic maintenance inspections.
  • Modern Composite Structure Imaging
    • High-tech modern composites such as honeycomb panels are used extensively in aircraft and aerospace. Internal structural damage may not be visible from the surface. Inspection of these parts is vital.
  • Pipe Over Wrap Inspection and Imaging
    • Overwraps can be used to structurally reinforce steel pipes by distributing the hoop stresses. Poor overwrap installations may look fine. Evisive inspection can ensure initial installation is performed properly, with no voids, inclusions, or poor bonding, which could weaken the protective capacity of the overwrap.



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