NDE of Ceramic Matrix Composite Material

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Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) fulfill advanced propulsion system requirements for high temperature, very high performance material. The manufacturing process for S-200 CMC requires repeated measurement of porosity. Evisive Scan non-contact measurement and real time presentation of porosity data permits much shorter production time than conventional alternative measurement methods. This is evaluated by the US Air Force as a key element for 75X improvement in production cost.


Under SBIR AF07-105 NDE of CMC’s Phase I and Phase II contracts, Evisive is developing the testing apparatus for in-process measurement of porosity for manufacturing of CMC material.  The Evisive Scan microwave interference scan voltage is correlated to CMC porosity with very high repeatability and precision.


Ongoing SBIR work has successfully demonstrated correlation of Evisive Scan voltage and S-200 CMC material porosity. Under the project, Evisive is completing equipment design specification and fabrication.  The process will be used in manufacturing of CMC components for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.

Evisive Scan image of delaminations in a CMC part.

Evisive Scan image of delaminations in a CMC part.



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