MW Inspection of Base HDPE Material

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June 26, 2015
This morning was the first time that standing microwave NDE was used to qualify HDPE pipe for use in critical service and to inspect for adequate homogenization of the extruded material.

This inspection (performed by Evisive, Inc. at the HDPE pipe manufacturing facility for the project owner) implemented a technique described in EPRI Report 3002003120, “Advanced Nuclear Technology: The Long Term Oxidative Resistance of Butt Fusion Joints in High Density Polyethylene Piping.”

The inspection was performed to detect the presence of possible pigment striations within the pipe wall, some with distinct lack of carbon black material that typically occurs in the center of the pipe. No other non-destructive inspection method has been shown to be capable of detecting pigment concentration variance through the pipe wall. The inspection is useful to verify the effective operation of the extrusion equipment, thus ensuring a consistent pipe material.

Additionally, the same inspection can reveal very fine dimensional details and was, in this case, also used to accept the pipe wall dimensions as within tolerances.



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