Rubber Expansion Joint Inspection in Nuclear Power Facility

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ILD performed a condition assessment for four Pratt Type 88 rubber cooling water expansion joints at Exelon Nuclear LaSalle Unit 2, a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) in January 2009 during the refueling outage.  The scope of work included:

  • visual inspection
  • durometer testing
  • Evisive non-destructive scanning of each joint


  • Visual Inspection – No irreconcilable surface defects or flaws.
  • Durometer Testing – The average Shore “A” durometer readings for all joints were within the manufacturer’s recommended “evaluation” range.  Readings taken in 2002 (six years ago) were in the acceptable range on all joints, and the durometer trends over the last eight years show no accelerated age-related hardening.
  • The Evisive Scan inspection was performed in accordance with Evisive Procedure EI-EP-0026, Rev 0, “GENERAL PROCEDURE FOR THE NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING OF REINFORCED RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTS VIA THE EVISIVE MICROWAVE SCANNING SYSTEM”.  No irreconcilable subsurface indications were found.


Based on the visual inspection, durometer readings, and Evisive inspection, ILD did not recommend immediate replacement of any of the four joints. Future inspections are recommended every two years, or once per fuel cycle, whichever is shorter, to determine when each joint’s service life is nearing its end.

 BWR Expansion Joint

BWR Expansion Joint



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